Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Market in Colmar: A Quick Visit to the Covered Market of Colmar

After we visited Petite Venice, we came upon the covered permanent market in Colmar. Going to the market is always a favorite thing for us to do when we are traveling.
Petite Venise

This structure was built in 1865, with a metal framework and bricks. This market hall is well laid out, with wide aisles, and is kept very clean.

There are about 20 merchants selling everything - meats, fish, poultry  cheese, fruits, vegetable, deli meats, pastry, breads, condiments - that you would look to buy in a French market. In the corner locations, there is a little cafe or a bar for a short stop, to have a cup or coffee or a beer. 

Organic dairy products from the local farms

This holiday season, there are a few stalls dedicated to carrying Christmas decorating essentials and gift packages.

A quick stop here was all we needed to have a break. We  picked up some goodies and beverages for our afternoon snacks, and continued on our Christmas market tour.

Covered Market of Colmar
13 rue des Ecoles
68000 Colmar

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