Saturday, 31 December 2016

Second Time Around at the Holiday Irvine Park Railroad, Irvine, Southern California

Last year, I wrote about our first visit to the Irvine Park railroad at holiday time, to go to the North Pole. It was a fantasy night for all of us, especially, for my two grandkids who were two and four years old, at the time. This year, my daughter decided to schedule this family, holiday activity once again, and a very curious question was asked by my grandson who is wiser and older at five years old.

Grandson: "Mommy, are we going to the real North Pole?
Mommy: After thinking, quickly replied " We are going to the branch office of the North Pole in Irvine. It is here where Santa sends some of the gifts so they can be delivered to all the children in Orange County."

That was clever, I thought! Convinced, my grandson happily got ready to go.

 The village setting was designed as an old town in the west...

...including a rural bank, a barber shop, more shops, and the train station.

Farm equipment

The house of Mrs. Clause - she comes out to read stories to the kids.

A reminder that Santa is making a list - were you naughty or nice?

 The FAVORITE ACTIVITIES of the Kids at the Park

You can buy a booklet of tickets. Tickets are used to participate in some of the activities, while  there are some that are free.
With a fishing rod, the kids fish out rubber fishes from the buckets submerged in the water...and walk away with a prize as they turn in their catch of the night.

Now, this is a very sugar-rich cookie.

The bounce house -a  great way for exhausting the excess energy of the kids, specially, after eating their decorated cookies.

All are winners in these games.

A maze configured with bales of hay

 Just one, last, quick stop before going to the North Pole.

We are ready for the MAIN EVENT.
It's time to hop into the train.

The train is about to leave as scheduled.

Going faster...passing through the village and the farm acreage... the middle of a distant land...

...heading to the North Pole.
It was a warm evening, with no snow on the ground...
and the almost-full moon was lighting up the night.

Here we are!
On stage... Into the woods to find...
...old man, Santa!
My two grandkids assured Santa that they had been nice.

Mommy and daddy bought the picture with Santa - something to look back to. And when they do, it will surely bring back happy memories.

It's time to HEAD BACK to town.
 Waiting for the return train trip...
 All aboard!

It was another chapter in making beautiful memories for my grandkids. But it seems that we - the adults - were having as much fun just seeing the little ones have an enjoyable time. I can just imagine that one day, in the future, my grandkids will be thinking of ways to make memories for their own families, just as we did.

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