Thursday, 8 December 2016

Le Comptoir de Mathilde, Chocolaterie - Epicerie Fine, Colmar

Le Comptoir de Mathilde - a chocolaterie and epicerie fine, carries products that are made from recipes using artisanal methods, showcasing French gastronomy in little packages or in bulk. Relatively new, as it was just started in 2007 by Richard Fournier - the founding president, looking at the  variety of products on their shelves is like being in a gastronomic paradise of epicurean delicacies and fine chocolates. 

Quality ingredients - no GMOs - are used to make dark chocolates with, at least, 70% of rich cocoa (which, by the way is a brain-food); premium spreads with 30% to 50% of hazelnut (no palm oil) ; condiments - mustards, oils and vinegars, salt and pepper; and specialty alcohol - wine and liquor.

As their retailing business grew in the last couple of years, their boutique-type concept stores carrying their same name have sprung up in France in the south-east, and the rest of the world with franchise-shops. Their storefronts are designed in vintage style, with the use of 100% reclaimed wood.

I came across this store when I went to the Christmas Market in Colmar, France.
At the Colmar location

It is quite an experience to enter this place - the eyes feast on many things that awaken the appetite, complemented by the aromatic scents that fill the air. There is free-sampling of featured items - a good way to get to know their products. The beautiful packaging and the product display make for an effective marketing presentation on the spot. I was sold!

Confiture (fruit jam) and Advent calendars on display

 Here is a gourmet gift suggestion for 54 euros, 
or you can also create your own.

Different types of vinegar, wine and liqueur sold in bulk,  or bottled; tapenades, baba au rhum - their house specialty 
Confiserie ( Confectionery)
Candy pops and fruit bars

Chocolates - plain or with added fruit bits or nuts, 
in different sizes

Olives enrobed in chocolate

Salts and peppers

Bottled Olive oils and olive oils sold in bulk

Vintage-designed delivery trucks - metal containers to package goodies of your choice for gift-giving 

There are numerous varieties of each product to choose from.  I just gave you an idea of what the store has to offer. Especially, at Christmastime or on any other occasion, they make excellent gifts. But, of course, there is not need to have a special occasion to enjoy these culinary delights. For, after all, everyday is to be celebrated with good eats.

Just in case you want to try your hand at making one of these, like confiture , here is a site to make jams with just a fruit-and-sugar combination, the French way. 

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