Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Visual Arts: "New Life," by Impy Pilapil

Impy Pilapil is a Filipino visual artist who has fashioned sculptures from different materials - sometimes using them singularly or in combination. In a one-man public sculpture show at Greenbelt Park, Makati, Philippines,  entitled "New Life," Ayala Land and Galeria Duemila presented the works of the artist - sculptural pieces that were inspired by nature. In her artistic sense, she  communicates a message to us to take responsibility to care for nature and to be grateful for what nature provides us. The exhibition, which was opened on August 4, 2015, will come to a close on February, 2016.

Impy Pilapil attended the University of the Philippines, majoring in Fine Arts, in the late 1960s. Before completing her studies, she received a scholarship to study at the Academia Italiana, in Rome. She also took up printmaking at the Pratts Graphic Center in New York.

In this exhibition, the beholder is treated to the artist's articulation of her subject matters as she skillfully employs the use of metal and stone in different forms, and sometimes in relationship with one another. The texture and form of each piece changes with the use of lighting, enhanced by its placement in the park surroundings. Depending, too, on the time of day and the use of lighting, her works become organic.
At opening night, some attendees were given a mallot to hit the gong by the entrance to the exhibition.


Here are the sculptures that may evoke a sense of wonder as to what it's all about. As the artist expresses herself, be ready to interact with her through her visual art, as you allow your senses to experience her works of art.


Set on the pond, this is the view at evening time...
...at daytime.

Watch the changes in this sculpture when viewed from different angles, with lighting effects and the mirror effects created by the use of stainless steel.


This fourteen-foot tall sculpture was, masterfully, created by the artist with the use of stainless steel sheets, spheres, and rods. Entitled Mist, it takes a life of it's own with the added use of light and the mirror effects created by the shiny  surfaces, bringing a creative sense of thought to the beholder...perhaps, that of a mist, the galaxy, and so on.




What a great opportunity it is to see a public exhibition such as this. It is a chance to appreciate nature in its true form and in a lyrical sense. In the end, it is the eye of the beholder that, conclusively, finishes the art work - it is when one walks away with his interpretation as he is inspired by what he sees before him.

Congratulations to Impy Pilapil for another great, public exhibition!

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