Friday, 30 January 2015

Meet a Filipina Painter - Marissa Q. Gonzáles

Welcome to the art world of a painter who has  developed a distinct, recognizable style, which is all her own. 

Marissa Quirino Gonzáles, is a Filipina artist who resides in Switzerland. She began painting in 1994 after taking private painting lessons in Switzerland and France. She has been exhibiting her works for almost two decades now, in different parts of the world. She has uniquely developed her own style with the use of jusi (Philippine silk) as one of her canvasses for her artworks, in her creative expression of the places she has visited - of the scenes and images that have appealed to her in several European cities and Africa.

Jusi, a term that originated from the Chinese word for silk, was first fabricated during the Spanish period in Philippine history, from silk, banana and piña leaf fibers, used, mainly, for formal wear. In the 1960s, the production of this fabric was mechanized, producing a fabric with a silky shin and smooth surface.

As Marissa began to blend influences from her country of origin to the art influences she had imbibed from her European exposure, she has created exquisite works of art.

On Thursday, January 29, she opened her show at the ArtistSpace, at the Ayala Museum, Makati, Philippines. Entitled "Under the Mediterranean Skies," her solo exhibition will run from January 30 to February 11. Viewing her paintings is like a travelogue,  making one dream of traveling to the faraway places that have been captured in her works.

 Garland cutting with her special guest, Mr. Cuanang 
(of Pinto Gallery)

Here is a sampling of the artist's works:

These are wall hangings, with wood scrolls at the top and bottom, making them easy to transport and display in homes and offices.

93 x 73 cm

 "The Rose Window"
93 x 74 cm

 "Azulejos and Two Chairs"
93 x 86 cm

 "Tunisian Blue Door #18"
93 x 120 cm

 "Catania Old Town Building"
 93 by 120 cm

 "Palacio de Musica, Barcelona"
93 x 127 cm

 "Wrought Iron and Columns"
93 x 114 cm

 "Flamenco Dancer"
93 x 116 cm

 "Cinque Terre"
93 x 77 cm

 "Florentine Square"
93 x 106 cm

 "Tuscan Villa"
93 x 105 cm

93 x134 cm

 "El Faro"
93 x 123 cm

 "Florentine Facade"
93 x 106 cm

 "Tunisian Blue Door"
93 x 131 cm

 "Tunisian Yellow Door"
93 x 130 cm

Using jusi as a canvass can be quite challenging. Instead of painting with an easel, Marissa sets her jusi canvass on the floor, for better control of the paint, in her atelier.

On opening night, art connoisseurs and collectors came to admire, love, and reserve their favorite pieces. Congratulations to Marissa Gonzáles! It was almost a sell-out at opening night. 

You, too, can have one of her works. For more information, contact the artist at - 
Tel. +41 79 281 56 67 

Fax: +41 22 369 36 37 

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