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Les Illuminations de Noël a Paris 2014 (Christmas Illuminations in Paris)

On November 20, 2014, at approximately 6:00 p.m. the trees lining the sides of the Avenue Champs Élysées were the main event for the crowd that had gathered. 
In partnership with two companies - Sony and Sotec, the Mairie de Paris (city hall) had advertised the Nouvelle Illuminations (new lighting) for the 2014 holiday season, on banners hanging between the trees along the wide, main avenue of Paris.
 The Champs Élysées without Christmas lights
 Camera, lights, click! 
In expectant anticipation, the yellow and blue Christmas lights were turned on in grand scale at about 6:20 p.m. The crowd was truly delighted!
The small blue lights situated on the upper part of the trees look like stars glowing in the night.

 On both of the broad sidewalks on the avenue , the second row of trees had their own light theme, with random spray bouquets  of blue lights, with white running lights on some of the stems, looking like snowflakes.

The much awaited nouvelle illumination - the new holiday lighting, on the main avenue  is a sight to behold, adding another festive touch to the preparations which started in late October.  A week after the Christmas Market opened, the whole stretch of the Champs Elysées is now lit up.

These twinkling lights - whether on the main avenues, small streets, or store fronts - are all part of the preparation for the big celebration. Living up to its name "City of Lights, here is how the French bring Christmas glow into Paris.

Among some of the storefronts on the Champs Élysées...
Pizza Pino - right next to the metro Line 1 exit - 
Franklin Roosevelt stop
This is a favorite food-stop among the tourists.

 Roma Pizzeria - on the other corner, across from Pizza Pino

 Häagen-Dazs' Chalets

 Weeping willow Christmas trees (fake) at the entrance of 
Ann Tuil - a shoe store

 Kusmi Tea - gourmet tea in high quality blends

 Mercedes Benz showroom, with a 
multi-colored running logo lights

Une chocolaterie
 La bounlangerie/patisserie
 A shopping arcade entrance - Arcades des Champs Élysées
 The store with a diverse selection of beauty products
 An enclosed, outdoor café by the Marriott Hotel

 City street lights...
 Avenue Montaigne - a famous street known for all the 
chi-chi, designer boutiques.
 Yellow lights with running white lights, in a spray bouquet arrangement is the basic design used hanging on the trees and the Christmas trees, a change from the red lights that had been used on this street in the past years.

The Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne 
leads the way in holiday decorating.

The newly renovated Plaza Athenée Hotel

Paul and Joe - a collection of casual to chic fashion

Rue Cler - a permanent street market 
On some weekends, each season, a grande brocante ( a traveling giant flea market ) takes place on a part of this long street.
 Rue de Champs des Mars - intersecting rue Cler

For a fun, magical night, there is more to see in a sightseeing tour - "Illuminations of Paris" that is handled by Paris Cityvision. Enjoy this city tour at this time of the year. This will include the iconic landmarks, decorated and lit up during this holiday season. To book your reservations, please click on this link. Enjoy a lovely dinner or a show, after,  and cap the night with a glass of wine before you head back.

And soon it will be Christmas!  Celebrating it in the French capital is more than a memorable experience. 

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