Monday, 31 October 2011

In the Kitchen: Recycling Leftovers to Make Breakfast Tacos and Omelet

I bet you all have some ways of recycling your leftover food from previous meals. My designated days to do this are usually towards the end of the week. 

On Friday, I used my leftover Bolognese sauce that was made with:
- ground meat (from grass-fed cows, hormone free) 
- uncured sausage - Andouille, diced
- fresh, organic heirloom tomatoes, red onion, garlic (lots)
- herbs - rosemary and oregano (homegrown)
- dash of pepper, but no salt.

I took stock of what else I had and figured out that I could make Breakfast Tacos. I gathered my other ingredients:

- 2 pieces whole-wheat flour tortillas, warmed up
- 2 pieces of romaine lettuce leaves, finely  shredded
- Some grated cheddar cheese
- Sour cream (sBST free = hormone free, preservative free)

 I drained much of the liquid part from the Bolognese sauce and I warmed up my  sauce in a ceramic-coated skillet. 

My Breakfast Tacos

You know how to do this part. On the half side of the tortillas, layer the ingredients starting with the meat sauce, then the shredded lettuce. Add some grated cheddar cheese, and finish off with 2 dollops of sour cream. Fold over the other half side of the tortilla. Done!

Fast and easy. This turned out so well, tasty and filling. It was good nourishment to start the day.

Did you notice how I use mostly organic ingredients? They help me get well - it's about healing my body through nutrition. My drug/medication popping days are over. No more pills for every ill.

* * * * *

My cousin had shared how her mother just made an omelet out of their leftovers. For Saturday, that's what I made with my fish stew, made with:

- a fillet of tilapia
- organic heirloom tomatoes, red onion, and garlic
- rosemary from my garden, finely cut
- organic canned chick peas
-organic canned tomato with purée
With 2 organic eggs that were whisked with some homegrown parsley...
plus the fish stew,... 
cooked on my skillet (lightly oiled with cooking oil - NOT EVOO),  folded over when it was half cooked...
and garnished with some shredded cheese,...
Voila! My omelet is ready. Yummylicious!

It's Monday and my refrigerator is stocked up, once again,  with new ingredients for the days ahead. I love cooking when I just throw things together, without worrying about a recipe to follow.

Just a note about extra-virgin olive oil: When I visited Turkey (4th largest producer in the world of olive oil products) I was made aware of the toxic consequences when using EVOO for cooking. Yes, I'm sure you watch all the chefs on the Food Channel using EVOO for cooking - that does not mean they are doing the right thing. I just want to be on the safer side. I, now, only use extra-virgin olive oil for salad dressings, or add it to my finished cooked foods whenever I want the added flavor of olive oil.

Just have fun in the kitchen! For the most part, only baked goods need precise measurements and ingredients to turn out well. Once you have a fair idea of flavor combinations, ingredient compatibilities and rate of usage, you are on your way to making something good - just throw them in together!

It's the eve of hallow and I will be cooking some angelic goodies. Thanks for the recipes contributed on "foodbuzz" I got lots of ideas. Have a safe, fun, and healthy celebration this halloween.


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