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Unique Finds at the Legazpi Sunday Market, Makati City, Philippines

The Legazpi Sunday Market has grown to become one of my favorite markets to visit, each time I go to the Philippines. I first discovered this market when it was just made up of a few stalls, set up at the parking space between the Corinthian Plaza and the park on Gamboa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. That was in 2005. 
Today, the market which is more than four times the original size is not only bigger but better, with ample parking space. It's set up in a much bigger parking lot bound by Legaspi St., Rufino St., and Gamboa St. I would certainly rate this place with  very high marks, along with the other European open and temporary markets. I can even say that this market has other unique things to offer.

Thanks to Mara Pardo de Tavera who translated her fond experiences in European markets to creating one in Makati. Although it is widely known now as the Legazpi Sunday Market, the sign that welcomes all the shoppers is "MOM Mara's Organic Market."

Only on a Sunday can you find this market, from 7:30 a.m to 2:00 p.m. It's an all-in-one sort of a place. You will see why that is so.

This is one place where you can get your supply of fresh, organic vegetables directly from the local farmers. I have been getting a fill of my favorite vegetables I learned to eat when I was still a kid, among which are  okra, the local eggplant, calamansi for my calamansi lemonade, and the nutrient-rich bitter melon.
There is a good variety of local fruits. What perfect timing it is that my favorite tropical fruits are in season, like rambutan, guyabano, and atis. I even had some durian - that smelly but very nutritious fruit.
Add to the available variety of fruits some imports from Bangkok, Thailand. Those lansones are so sweet, and so was the sour sap - the giant and succulent sister of atis
Just like it is in other markets, fresh seafood is available, while meat products are mostly marinated, seasoned,  packaged and ready to cook.

With tables and chairs set up for the shoppers to have their Sunday breakfast, lunch, or merienda on site, this has become like a mini food court, with a myriad of choices.The food lines have grown to include packaged foods, local delicacies, and cooked foods to be eaten right then and there, or, later. I like that they are not store brands but products made by local foodies.
"Kesong Puti" (white cheese made from carabao's milk) is my favorite breakfast cheese, along with some glutinous-rice based goodies like suman, puto, and biko. These products come from Marilao, Bulacan.
CONTACT Arlyn Reyes TEL. +63(0)910 429 6065

The popular items here are the Malunggay Pesto, Milk Fish Paté, and Dulong in Olive Oil. Pinoy Or-dürvz, by using local ingredients have come up with Filipino versions of our favorite European tapenades and spreads. 

Some French pastries,  baked delicacies, and more...
Healthy breads
Fruit wines, organic honey, and cosmetics (on the other side)
Imang Salud is known for their giant-size Classic Ensaimada - a rich, tasty, spongy sweet bread with lots of butter, queso de bola (Dutch cheese), and sugar, made from a family recipe inherited by Salud Dayrit-Santos from her grandmother, of San Fernando, Pampanga. You have to try this - it is so yummylicious! They have other Kapampangan delicacies that are also very good. 
For orders, Telephone: +63 920 947 8819, +632 837 0842

The prepared and cooked foods make it easy for the market regular shoppers to bring home something to make a Sunday feast in the comforts of their homes.
Spanish cuisine is well represented. Casa Goñi display their continental cuisine made from "traditional family recipes brought to perfection through the years." I love their paella varieties.
For orders or catering services, please call Macille 
Tel. 348-0492, 517-8776, 0917-627-8809, 0922-827-8809 

You will be drawn by different aromatic flavors from all the cooking that goes on, on the spot. I was drawn by the smoky scent of grilled, fish, meats, and poultry. Healthy, for the most part! The pork barbecue was so delicious, priced at 3 sticks for a 100 pesos.

My favorite addition to the market is the arts and crafts section, with Filipino artisans crafting the many functional and decorative items. Here are my interesting and unique finds:
I really liked the coconut-shell covered rice bowls and "palayoks" and I bought some. These products are from ZENtiments. Then I listened to the kapis-shell wind chimes that played sweet harmonies when the wind blew. How functionally innovative these items are!
CONTACT Ding T. Perez for more information or orders:
Tel. +632 506 2360; Cell +63(0)917 810 7442

Original paintings and prints by local artists

Aside from their jewelry line, these bejeweled utensils with matching wall clock pieces are the  creations of husband-and-wife team, Joey and Mylyne Casimiro of Patika Bead & Wire Works. The serving pieces make for a lovely, decorative addition to a table setting.
CONTACT: Joey Casimiro FAX - +632 986 8649, Cell +63(0)918 922 0728

Decorio Egg Crafts (Philippines) comes up with a pretty range of egg designs for decorative use all-year round. The egg collection consists of "traditional Ukrainian designs, as well as Easter, Christmas, Filipiniana, and a variety of religious, floral, animal, and geometric designs." 
Contact number: (+632) 707 4745

Elm's Accessoria de casa's Evelyn L. Monroy designs household items, hair accessories, jewelry, tableware and flat ware from materials discarded from livestock. The recycled materials are crafted and embellished with other indigenous materials to create the these decorative and functional products.

Creative Definitions showcase picture frames and accessories with laser cut "calado" designs, which are so dainty and lacey.  
EMAIL: Banj T. Claparols

Therese Arciga of A.G. Crafts uses recycled glass for ornamentations, indoors and outdoors. 

Another set of products using recycled materials - juice packaging - to make bags, belts and clutches. Kamay Krafts Multi-Purpose Coop brings together the livelihood projects, to provide a source of income for the urban poor women of Manila.

From the drawings of a child who was 3years old at the time, and now eight, a mother was inspired to start a clothing line using her gifted son's drawings. Thus, was born a parent's desire "to raise healthy, creative, loving children." Happy Starchild designs are meant to "bring love to the world" via handpainted shirts and other fashion items, and note cards.

The most innovative item to me was this chest of shelves (not drawers) with movable covers. Made from recycled wood - tangile, From the Islands Inc., a whole line of furniture goes on display every Sunday.
Contact Evelina C. Perdrix FAX: +632-823-4851; Cell +63(0)947-217-7839

And for a moment, you will be transported to Japan as you shop in this section.

Going green is what this market is about.
Oils, soaps, and lotions from natural and organic sources come in a wide array of products.

Ritual Local & Organic Products' laundry granules, herbal laundry bars, citronella dishwashing liquid, essential oils, massage oils, natural insect repellent, day and night facial cream are just a few of their chemical-free products. 
CONTACT: Tel +632 400 4326

Messy Bessy has created a line of environmental-friendly cleaning agents.
CONTACT: Tel. +632 502 7176 | Mobile +63(0) 0917 5607871 

Do visit the nursery man who brings fruit and flowering plants and succulents...
and tropical and ornamental plants for your gardenscapes.

I did say that this is an all-in-one sort of a place where you can take care of the body's cravings, retail therapy, and the spirit.
There is a mass service held at 9:00 a.m. for the retailers and shoppers, alike.

You will be impressed, as I was, with Filipino craftsmanship that executes the design ideas to actual products. From them, you may get a business inspiration. Please contact the fabricators for your personal or business orders. 

I almost forgot to tell you - don't forget to bring your shopping trolleys.  Take your time and make it a leisurely shopping trip. Have an enjoyable Sunday at the market. 


  1. Creative Definitions can be contacted at 0915-677-2856 or by email: Thank you Ms. Ellaneous for such a wonderful blog.

  2. How exciting to see all things local and native to be available in one place. The food and fruits are enough to make this a pitt stop for both locals and tourists... a must for balikbayans. Something for everyone place! I see you found the organic section,how fortunate for you.......JMVDD

  3. This is really one of my favorite markets Sunday early hours are spent here - shopping, hearing mass, and having breakfast with friends.

  4. Love this market...reminds me when I used to live in europe... every early Sat morning.. Those delicacies, and the "ensaymada" I took their numbers. in case I would like to place an orders...Thanks Yogi...! Regards from Sunshine state!

  5. Thanks everyone. You will love all the unique things At the Legazpi Sunday Market. They are mostly one of a kind. Please let the vendors know that you discovered them here.

  6. Thanks, everyone. You will love everything about the Legazpi Sunday Market scene...happy shopping, happy eating, and happy socializing.

  7. Will visit this coming Sunday

  8. hi! by any chance, do you know if Z.E.N. organics still join the sunday market? I'm planning to visit the sunday market kasi.. thanks! =)

  9. I don't know. You can post that question on the FB page

  10. I know that Zen is no longer available at the Sunday market and has been rebranded Zenutrients. They have a multiply page but I'll try ro find more info and get back to you.

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