Monday, 17 January 2011

Healing our Bodies: Part 1 - Choosing Organic Food

For most of my life, I have been eating and feeding my family with food that comes from the regular food chain, that ends in the market, whether that be a town/city market or a super market. Alarm set in in the last decade when problems arose, when food recalls became more frequent due to contamination, causing people to get sick and some dying from it.

At the beginning of the 21st century, mad cow disease made a splash in the headlines. Cows were infected from the feed that was given them, and to our shock we found out that they were eating diseased, dead animal carcass and bone meal. The spread of this disease went global, to include other animals, and the cause was mostly traceable to their feed products. Health alerts were issued, bans came into effect, and standards and guidelines  were reset about animal feed. Still, today,  this problem exist. Just early this year, Germany was caught in the midst of a toxic-animal-feed scandal that has affected the country's poultry industry.

For some, the solution is to go on a vegetarian diet. There are different types of vegetarians. Among them are the pescatarians -   fish is the only meat included in their diet; flexitarians - occasional meat eaters; lacto-ovo vegetarians - dairy products and eggs are part of the diet; vegan - the strictest form of vegetarianism where the food is free of any ingredient that may originate from any animal source; raw vegans - raw-food dieters of fresh fruits and vegetables; macrobiotic - includes unprocessd foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and eating fish from time to time, and a good deal of Asian vegetables like dikon and sea weeds.

With the onset of my diagnosed diseases - chronic-pinched sciatic nerve (causing numbness in my leg and toes), osteoarthritis ( pain from the neck down), cysts (in different parts of my body), severe allergy, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs on my achilles tendon, I went to the doctors and believed everything they said. The tradtional doctors had told me that there was no cure for them but they could be managed with pain killers, medication and vitamin/mineral supplements, and in the case of my foot problems - steroid shots. For awhile I went along with these treatment protocols, but realized I was not getting any better, for the long term.

When I heard that Shaquille O'Neal was addicted to pain killers, I stopped taking them and lived with the pain. Pain killers affect our livers and our brains. I also limited my consumption of other medications and resorted to alternative healing treatments. I was consuming supplements from A-Z, and my pain level was still increasing because of more diseases taking over my body. As my orthopedist had told me, it was all a function of aging. That was not a pleasant thing to hear, to be sentenced to a miserable life of pain and illness, just because I am aging.

My parents lived into their 90s. When I asked my mother, who was then in her seventies and I was in my forties, how she was managing her pain level, her reply shocked me - she said she had no pain. She and my father played tennis into their seventies . For half of their lives they were eating a healthier diet until the processed-food products hit the market.

My pain level started in my late twenties and escalated with each child I bore. In the last couple of years, I have been looking and trying out different means to heal myself. The most effective is the major dietary change I embarked on.  I have become a vegetarian of all types, giving major consideration to  where my food is sourced from.

How our food is produced and where they are coming from have become a major concern. With the alarming rate of so many people getting sick, even just among my family and friends, I began to question how do our bodies get weak and sick? It is the toxins that enter the food system, and eventually passed on to us - the consumers, that wreak havoc in our bodies. They affect the health of our cells and cause them to mutate. From my research, the worthwhile conclusion was to eat organic food, free of toxic substances. This conclusion was confirmed by my readings and further research about the Gerson Diet for healing cancer and other chronic diseases. The Gerson Diet is mainly a vegetarian raw-food diet.

To see how doable this was, I went to see what organic food supplies were in the market. To my surprise, I found a wide range - from fresh, dried, to processed and packaged foods. 

Here are some fresh organic produce - fruits and vegetables - they are not always perfect looking 
and they have a much shorter shelf-life. Their flavors are more intense 
and they are richer in nutrients. 
The packaged foods shown are honey, eggs, rice, beans. and oats.
The processed foods made from only organic ingredients are:  
cheese, yogurt, cookies, pasta, cookies, milk, and smoked salmon.

For the carnivores, there are special stores to get your supply of free-range chicken and beef products from grass-fed cows. They are considerably more expensive. The decision to buy organic food will be based on wether the health benefits from eating these will be all worth it to you or not.

I consider eating organic foods as an investment - investing in the present and future of my health. It is more costly, almost double in price. The end result is I will be in healthy shape in due time and will have little medical bills to worry about. I am convinced of this as I can see this happening now. I have become a mainstream organic foodie and what a difference it has made in my life. 

It is from organic fresh produce that we get the most of the much needed vitamins and minerals that have been missing from our regular diets. To make up for the depleted or low levels, juicing is a major part of my diet. Still, this may not be enough. There are supplements derived from real food to get the supplemental nutrients we need. If your vitamins have ingredients other than names of real food, those could be synthetic or chemicals and will not be as effective as the trace elements you get from food.

After months of starting on an organic food diet, I am determined to continue as I am beginning to feel much better. This is an indication that I am doing something right. This is my route to digress from developing any serious chronic disease. 

I wish that you, too, will find the health path that will be best for you. Be well. Keep healthy.


  1. YB, your narrative is so informative and lots of food for thought. I, too, have some of the ailments you have described and although taking pain pills is my last resort, I always end up taking one if the pain becomes unbearable i.e. chronic pinched sciatic nerve. Being more selective of what food we ingest and is absorbed by our bodies DEFINITELY affect our physical state and sometimes our mental state...Booboo

  2. Booboo, be on your way to feeling good again.



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