Sunday, 12 December 2010

Flea Market Finds: Trash or Treasure?

Earlier this afternoon, I invited my daughter, who is visiting for a few days, to come with me to go to another Parisian Christmas market at the Trocadero. Much to our surprise, we came upon a flea market.

All-year round, on specific days of the week, the place to go to for antiques and flea market finds is at the Clignancourt marché, in the 18th Arr. At different times of the year, timed during the holidays, antiquités et la brocante events are organized in different neighborhoods. This Sunday happened to be that day for the 8th Arrondisement, on President Wilson Avenue. We detoured for awhile to see what trash or treasures we could find.

I just got an idea from those 2 paintings hanging in the background...a kind of "dottism," a style I just coined. I am inspired to paint again, to try a different approach, and will be experimenting with this style, soon.

Have you found any treasures, yet? I did in this next table.

I loved the multi-strand pearl necklace that I was holding, with the big bejeweled bow. I asked "Combien, madame? The reply made me take a was 550 euros! So much for that! Besides, I don't even have an occasion to wear it too. LOL

Market events, such as this, are always so well attended. The French and the foreigners rummage through old stacks of pictures and cards, books, clothing, and other little and big things. The traveling merchants set up shop for a day, displaying their goods on tables, in boxes, on shelves, on make-shift wall and hanging systems, and sometimes the things are just laid out on the ground. There were those who walked away with furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, serving pieces, and artworks; while we walked awake with the memory captured in our cameras.

Now we know where to go to look for something old, something useful, or something decorative. And, we need to remember to bring more cash, next time!


  1. Hi, YB...I went to a flea market in one of my trips to Paris. Before I left LA, I put it in my list of "must go" places. My friend and I enjoyed browsing through the various knick knacks, etc. I got a small square tapestry and she got a picture frame, that's all and we truly enjoyed the experience. BB

  2. Yes, BB...even just to browse around in the fela markets can be quite an experience. Some pieces trigger memories of places I visited, of things bought, or of historical details.

  3. Is this the same market we visited when I was there? Wow, I would have also liked to see it with all the curiosities. It was already a great experience just to see it as a typical outdoor French Market with flowers, veggies, cheeses, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, etc. The farmer's market concept is picking up in villages and towns around here, but only in the summer time, Wish we have more French Market type places here in the States.

  4. Yes, this was in the same location. It's always interesting to go to these taveling markets. Their goods keep on changing.



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