Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Day After my Walk in the Parisian Snow

Walking around after a snow fall can be very interesting for me. I see the snow fall as some kind of artist, making a new creation in something old, albeit temporary, in everything it "touches."

I took a walk along the Seine river at about 9:30 a.m., to meet up for a coffee date with a friend. With the sun out in full force, it was a pretty day.

An icy patch, with autumn leaves on the ground now showing...the snow had already melted a bit...and the sun was up and melting it even faster, aided by human traffic...not very pretty the day after, I thought.

On the other side of the Avenue de New York is the Palais de Chaillot...with a set of steps now resurfaced with compacted snow, with shoe imprints of other curious people like me..going up to see the snow's creation on the ground...

and on the concrete this reclining beauty!

Walking on this compacted snow was so much easier than on the icy side walk. I even made a crackling sound for every step I took...thank goodness, it was not my bones, this time.

I made it by the Trocadero...I noticed the little Christmas stalls, still closed; took a mental note to come and visit it this weekend (last year's post: to make a left to cross the bridge towards the Tour Eiffel.

There are not too many tourists coming here via the Seine river shuttles, at this time of the year.

One of the tower's pylons, now snow-frosted...

and the ground is fully snow covered...but that does not keep the tourists away...there's still a long queue.

I'm almost at my girl friend's place.

A view of the Eiffel Tower behind the bare-branched trees...

and the pond with surroundings now snow-covered all around...the awesome view from her living room...what a sight!

How wonderful that places can change their look during the cold, winter season. Thanks to the beauty of snow...what a creative artist we have in our midst!



  1. Very nice Yogi!! This is another talent that you have. Great shots!

  2. Thanks, Didet. The camera does it for me. I just click away.



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