Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day at the Trocadero Christmas Market, Paris

The bitter-cold temperatures, -2°C forecasted as "Feels like -8°C," did not deter people from going out this Christmas day, here in Paris. At the Trocadero marchés de noel, couples, families, and many people of all ages came to spend part of their day, here, just as we did.

Smaller in size in comparison to the markets on the avenue des Champs Elysees and at La Defense, we found this market to be charming in more ways than one.

First, there are all these delectable food stalls!
Oh, the aroma of roasted chestnuts filled the air at the entrane to the market.

Hot chocolate, hot wine, baked goodies, and these glazed fruits aroused our appetites for something warm and something sweet.

Irresistible French macarons like salted caramel, orange/chocolate...just to sample a few.

Tempting gaufres (waffles) with whipped creme and a choice of caramel or chocolate syrup

Cupcapes galore!

Nougat, sweet and assortment of different sizes and flavors

On this very cold night, onion soup sounded like a great idea, plus flammekueche!

The Christmas market is also suited for family time.

An Ice skating rink for the kids and adults

A mini version of cross-country skiing on a snow-covered hill, for a ride down the snowy banks

Oops...even adults take a tumble!

As for shopping...

Piggy banks are back! encouragement to save money in this kind of economy.

A selection of cured hams, foie gras, pâté and cheese of many types

Artisanal products: confiture (fruit jams, marmalades) and syrups

Semi-precious stones could be the answer to personalizing gift choices for dear friends.

We have just about walked through the whole market, gingerly walking over some icy patches.

As we headed home, walking, we were careful not to fall, just taking baby steps on slippery sidewalks and keeping away from black ice. We made it home safely. It's been a nice Christmas day celebration!

We are looking forward to another celebration, this time it's to welcome the new year!


  1. ...

    Thank you for sharing your "Parisian Experience" with us Yogi...

    My daughter is giving her special "Christmas Party" in Hawaii...

    I had a great "Late lunch/early dinner" with friends, then it poured as soon as I got home...

    Took a nap and just woke up...

    Enjoyed reading your Trocadero experience...

    Thanks, Yogi...



  2. What a nice place to visit for the the Christmas holidays. Enjoy Your daughter's family and the warmer weather, Liza.

  3. As usual, I enjoyed reading your Christmas market experience. So exciting to see the various selections of cheeses, hams, food stuff, etc. Love these Christmas markets and looking forward to reading about your New Year's celebration. Bubut

  4. Bubut, I love going to these Christmas markets, mainly to eat! I think you would love sampling all those cured hams and cheeses, the foie gras, pâté with some baguette. In the Christmas market at La Defense, I had a Raclette sandwich, so so yummy. Happy new year.



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