Tuesday, 27 July 2010

In Paris: 2010 Tour de France, Ceremonial Parade

It was a cloudy day, pleasant temperatures outdoors, and a lazy Sunday afternoon for me. Then I got a Blackberry messenger beep from my daughter that the Tour de France was now at the Champs ELysees.

Not that I am an avid fan of this event, but I dashed out as quickly as I could and went to the Rond Point on l'avenue de Champs Elysees.

The barricades were up, the ambulance and emergency crew were in place, and people were milling around to watch or shop.

I settled into a little opening that allowed me to aim my camera over the heads of others.

The cyclist came in clusters,like waves, and went all the way to the Arc de Triomphe and u- turned...

to come down the other direction.

I walked to find a better place to take pictures from and found this store with a coverage of the tour for the passers-by and their customers...

and soon the Tour de France was finally over when British sprinter Mark Cavendish took center stage in winning the tour in Paris.

The 2010 Tour de France that had started from Longjumeau, Rotterdam in Holland on July 3rd came to an end on the Champs-Elysees on July 25, 2010, in Paris, France.

People started to get some food and shopped for souvenirs.

These jerseys came at a price of 60 - 75 euros each for the adults...

and the ones for kids were priced at 50 euros per piece.

There were cycling accessories for the young and the adults.

An announcement was made that the concluding parade was about to begin. This time I was right on the barricade and met a group of avid fans, Americans, who gave me a narration of the past days and the cyclists and their achievements, their team effort, as they came through at the parade.

In V-formation, these cops on motorcycles impressively led the way for the participants and champions...

followed by this group, probably a cycling organization who was part of the tour logistics, composed of cyclists from all age groups.

The teams paraded in the order of from the bottom to the top winners.

To the delight of the crowd, some of the cyclist who placed got close enough to do a hand-to-hand motion with the cheering crowd.

I wonder if this cyclist was too tired to bike on his own. He was holding on to the car the while time.

Here's the Bbox team.

This is the popular Japanese cyclist from Team BBox.


Russian Denis Menchov placed third...

from Team Rabobank.

Lance Armstrong waving to the crowd...he and his teammates had caused a stir for having changed to the black jerseys with his Livingstrong Charity message, without permission. The race organizers ordered them to change back to their original red-and-grey jersey attire for the last leg o the race.

Team Radio Shack was the overall winner for team standings.

Andy Schleck of Luxembourg, who finished second in the 2010 Tour de France and who also got the white jersey...

is with Team SaxoBank.

Three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador of Spain holds aloft the victory flag...

as the over all winner of the 2010 Tour de France.

The processional came to close. It was time to eat for some...

and for some, to shop!

The 2010 Tour de France, which was filled with much action, came to a great ending. Soon, the 2011 Tour de France will be on its way!

Mind the cyclists on the road when you are driving. He may be the next Tour de France champion-in-the making.

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