Friday, 28 May 2010

Walking Tour: The Bloomberg Building, One Beacon Court, NY

There is so much to see, architecturally, in New York City. As I walk around, I find myself stopping for a few minutes to admire some architectural sculptures. One such place is the BLOOMBERG Building, designed by Argentinian- born, American architect Cesar Pelli.

Bloomberg is a familiar name in the world of finance. Michael Bloomberg, who now reigns as the Mayor of New York, formed Bloomberg as a media company in 1981, to provide the tools and data needed by businessmen in the world of finance. Their main product, the Bloomberg Terminal, is "a computer system that enables financial professionals to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial-market data movements and place trades." It is most relied upon because it provides "the fastest-growing real-time financial information network in the world."

The building structure occupies a whole block bound by 58th St. where the main entrance to the building is located...leading to the atrium...

...59th St. where there is another entrance. At the base of the building, in 6 floors, the offices of Bloomberg are situated.

The atrium is elliptical in shape, with the glazed-glass walls sloped inward with a 7% slope. Seen from the elliptical shape is the Lexington Tower.

After taking this picture, I was told that I could not take pictures within the atrium area as it was private property. But, they graciously informed me I could continue taking pictures from the sidewalk, or from any other angle outside of the building's perimeter.

From a vantage point on the 27th floor of another building, this is the view of the Lexington Tower, which is now the eighth tallest building in New York City. A third of the tower is for residential use, the third top most.

Here is another angle from 59th and 3rd St. Built with a structural-steel frame system, at the bottom of the building's structure you will find your favorite commercial establishments such as a bank, a hardware store, a coffee house, a department name it, you think it...and it might just be somewhere around the block.

Here are more photos I took as night time was setting in...from the sidewalk across the surrounding streets:


As you can see, the entrance to the offices is marked by the Bloomberg sign, while the residential entrance is through the white-framed glass doors. Professional business groups in the world of finance can make an appointment to tour the Bloomberg Building, by booking an appointment in advance. But for a tourist like me, "sorry" what I got when I tried to make an appointment.

Just in case you happen to be walking by this area when you come to visit New York, slow down and you might catch a glimpse of Mayor Bloomberg, and possibly Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, Woody Allen and a host of other celebrities and prominent people. As for me, I was content to simply admire the architectural beauty, design, and movement of this building.


  1. lovely photos, tita!!! i miss NYC and i miss you guys... looks like you're keeping busy, that's good! hope to see you soon. bisous.

  2. Jo, I want to see your travel photos, too. Come visit soon.



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