Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Market Day: Union Square, NYC

Saturday was coming up and my daughter asked me to set aside some time to go to Union Square to check out both the artists and produce markets. On April 18th, we were out the door at 9:45...on the subway. Little did we know that there was going to be some controversy.

These are paintings on used wood as the canvass...a good way to recycle 
odd-shaped and odd-sized wood.

I noticed the sign: "Stop harassing artists." I asked what that was about...Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has launched a move to limit the number of vendors who sell art in Manhattan's busiest parks, including Union Square, Battery Park, the High Line Park and parts of Central Park.

Hundreds have gathered where the hearings are held, chanting "Artist power" and holding signs that accused the city of harassing artists.

What will happen to these artists? Where will they sell their artworks?

The artists are fighting. The reason cited for the city's move to reduce the artist population by 80% because the parks and squares are dangerously getting over crowded, is not acceptable to them.

This are the artists' perceptions of what is really behind Mayor Bloomberg's motive!

For now, they are still there, along with the other vendors...

Plants for spring gardening...

rescued kittens in search of new homes...

tie-dyed shirts...and other fashion accessories and gift items can be found as you walk around...

artisanal products from the local areas...

Regular and organic produce...

Here is something for the knitters, lambswool yarn.

Man's best friend...sorry, they are not for sale!

If you are going by car, factor in the cost of parking. It may not be such a good deal to go all the way to market day in Union Square unless you go there for other reasons. It could be well worth it!
For now, the city said there would be no immediate decision, but rather, the purpose of the hearings was to gather comments. In the meantime, the street artists have launched a creative campaign that portrays Mayor Bloomberg as a "destroyer of artists' rights."

I pray that this will all end to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.

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